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My bad I should start off with. Travelling as I do has its downsides and those are mostly manifesting themselves in piles of un-done work and stories piling sky high …This came to me from Lilly mid last week and yet it took until today, overwhelmed by the sunny Diani beach laziness, to upload it …
Enjoy, as I grovel …

9 Top Budget Travel Tips for Your next Vacation

The recession may be getting tougher than projected, and the times a little bit rough on our pockets. Still whether flipping the pages in Conde Nast, browsing through, or reading various travel review sites; India is still as incredible, Kenya as magical, Morocco as magnificent and the whole world – a timeless fascination! In the words of Martin Buber “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” Here are a few tips to help you…

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Considered by many as the finest Villas on the East African Coast, Alfajiri Villas overlook the Indian Ocean and theirs elevated positions ensure privacy and stunning views. African Style villas where the theme is high Makuti roofs, ivory Danish floors, wooden beams, Lamu doors and impressive African and Far Eastern Artefacts. Most of the furniture is made on the property in the villa’s workshop. The gardens are meticulously maintained and include many palms from the villa’s nursery. Large verandas with huge hand carved sofas with cushions dominate the front of the villas where a stretch swimming pool sits on the edge of a small cliff merging into the sea and the horizon.ALFAJIRI ALFAJIRI ALFANJIRI



The words ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxurious’ are often exaggerations: at Mara Bushtops they fit like a glove. Watching from your own 100 square metre private deck as an abundance of wildlife congregates around the adjacent salt lick is, literally, unforgettable. Having your butler draw your hot tub after a spectacular game drive is heavenly. Delving into the well-stocked wine cellar and enjoying superb cooking simply adds to the magic. Together, these experiences create an oasis of five-star luxury, blending peace with adventure – and first-class comfort with unforgettable sights and smells, sounds and sensations.


A Tanzanian haven for serious safari seekers, Serengeti Bushtops is an oasis of 5-star luxury within one of the world’s most magical settings. Picture yourself gazing out over the stunning scenery of the Serengeti. Imagine returning from safari and watching the sun set from the comfort of your tent’s private hot tub. Consider the thrill of watching the annual migration thunder across the mighty Mara river. Or simply revel in the thought of being pampered by your butler and our friendly staff, before enjoying our fabulous cooking and fine wines in the comfort of our restaurant and shared spaces. This combination of safari adventure, first class facilities and blissful relaxation has delivered Serengeti Bushtops’ unwavering promise of Wild Luxury ever since they  opened in June 2010.

The Majilis Lamu Kenya

The Majlis, a privately owned beach hotel situated in the heart of Kenya on Manda Island, Lamu, is a perfect blend of local tradition, Swahili culture, Western comforts, and luxury. The boutique hotel combines superbly appointed luxury suites with verandas that open out to sun-drenched beaches and mesmerizing seashores.


The Majlis offers various recreational activities with a focus on wellness, adventure, Swahili culture, sailing, water sports, and fishing for adults as well as families who visit the resort along with children.

Lamu, Kenya


Cast into the Indian Ocean off the North coast of Kenya, the island and town of Lamu is heir to a distinctive tradition that is over a thousand years old. Lamu town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Swahili culture and style of Lamu are a rich cultural mix of East African, Arab, and Indian influences. Visit to The Majlis is a must during a trip to Kenya. It is an apt place for organizing beach weddings, reception parties, executive meetings, renewing marriage vows, enjoying safari beach holidays, and a lot more.

Kyaninga Lodge In Uganda

Kyaninga Lodge Large Pictures

Set against a stunning backdrop of Lake Kyaninga and the legendary Mountains of the Moon beyond, Kyaninga Lodge is the spectacular result of one man’s vision and six years of unwavering commitment to creating an experience of Africa’s beauty unlike anything else. When Englishman Steve Williams first saw the lake on his way to visit the gorillas, there was nothing there aside from unspoilt natural beauty and breathtaking vistas. There aren’t many people who could stand on the rim of an ancient crater lake thousands of miles from home, and have the vision to imagine building a luxury lodge entirely out of timber on that very spot. Six years and over a thousand hand carved logs later the stunning vistas remain, and thanks to Steve’s achievements, they can now be enjoyed in ultimate comfort and style.
Lake Kyaninga

Hiking Mt. Kipipiri : Not for the Squeamish lot

The Bucketlister

Jossey strikes a winning pose at the summit !! Jossey strikes a winning pose at the summit !!

Weekends bring a great opportunity to experience Kenya’s off the beaten track destinations. After a magical weekend on Madaraka day at Kerio Valley(see story Kerio Valley By Road), I sat in my house on Thursday evening trying to figure out what experience would possibly be worth to write about after the Kerio experience. The Mt. Kipipiri hike, which my good friend and director at Xtrym Adventures – Duncan Kiema,had invited me to came to mind. I called him on his cell and late on Friday at 1500hrs secured a seat for the hike. The description on the event’s page on facebook set my mind rolling  “Mount Kipipiri” – The unknown gem, connected to the Aberdare range. Elevation: 3,349 m ” . A further disclaimer on the required gear, departure time plus the state of personal health and fitness ensured any…

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