Month: October 2015

Planning to travel to Kenyan Coast this Dec Holidays?? Below is a list of 10 Beach Hotels we think you should book and pay now!!!…….

Many people take a holiday once a year and more often than not its during the Festive season in December and New year, wherelse the Kenyan Traveler opt to make last minute bookings when most of the best places are full there is a recent culture emerging up […]


SPECIAL FEATURE; Olepangi Farm House ;Lets Go wild !!! The luxury way on the slopes of Mt.Kenya……,,

Olepangi Farm is a 35 minute drive from Nanyuki which lies on the equator and in the foothills of Mt Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa at more than 17,000 feet.The farm is “on the edge” in the sense that it straddles that unique eco-zone where most […]

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