When did my Passion for you start? You are too magical, you excite everyone that visits you…

Ooh God of all creation Bless this our land and Nation…as a little child in primary school when we sang the national anthem it was all about obeying the rules and following the regulations,  we sang  without much attachments..

So when did My passion for this great love start? Don’t remember exactly, perhaps my longest journey as a child was when I was 6yrs, the one I can vividly remember. I was at My Grandmas House during the school holidays and she decided to go visit her son –My uncle- to receive her new born grandson and she took me with her, I was very excited as it meant lots of play time with my cousins and also to go by BUS yeaah! It was big then! I was already imagining the tales I will have when the school re-opens. Wherever we were , people, then,  believed ‘ni mwisho wa dunia’[end of the world] nowadays it’s a journey of 3hrs at most from Nairobi and from my village in Muranga its about 2.5hrs. I mean, if you were sent somewhere and Overstayed you would be asked;  kwani uli-iendea Meru? [were you fetching it from meru?]hahaha.

You can Imagine the childlike excitement I had..mmmh, so the day came we departed a day before to my aunties place in Muranga town so that we can be able to catch an early bus at 0500hrs as they were only two buses to Meru and no its not Riakanau Mburi na Mirio hehe… [rumored carried goats with their feeds they don’t die of hunger on the way] it had an English name can’t recall Cleary…when we boarded the bus my grandma might have recognized my excitement and gave me a window seat I counted trees passing hehe ….watched landscape got bored but kept looking; from the heat of Muranga to Kirinyaga, Embu the corners were hair raising to chogoria …and past this place the landscape changed to something That awed  me, at one particular instant I had an AHA moment I remember  seeing one small tall Hill, very tall, must have been an anti-hill and I kept wondering whats that and I started pestering grandma about it and she was too tired to even look she just said it’s a hill, mind you, by this time it was 1600hrs later in the Bus, the heat, congestion …only me I guess was fully awake.  From that moment on all I could think about was that small Taaaall Hill, even when we got to my uncles place that’s all I could talk about, even when I got back That’s all I could talk about and because  the bus couldn’t stop I vowed when I grow up I shall go back and view the hill, as a child it marveled me. Years later I still go to Meru and can’t find my Hill sob! sob! And am still going this April to rebrand this destination and visit a few hidden gems I better find my Hill then…Hehehe!  Watch out for my April Blogpost and find out….

This Journey stirred my curiosity. It ignited my passion of; what else is there?  I fell in love with Geography, history, literature etc, was on every club that concerned Nature and wildlife, every trip, but never at one moment thought of it as a career, I mean I come from a family inline of teaching and Doctors so it was automatic that’s where I was going to end up, well, Fate had a different  path for me a very passionate and enlightening path….If I was to be renamed I guess my maiden name would be Nyaguthii [traveler] hehehe.. Guess what! I am still traveling some destinations more than once but different experience every time that’s How Magical, My Kenya  is.


There is a reason why famous people choose to invest and visit Kenya on regular basis; movies have been shot in this magical lands, documentaries aired, international reality shows done in our wilderness who would not be passionate about my Land Kenya?

As a tourism Destination you would be spoilt for choice, from our pristine white sandy Beaches voted among the best in the world, our grassland savannas which have hosted Big Cat Diaries for long now and one of the 7wonders of the world- the wildebeest migration, take time and visit the ‘Last Wilderness”  Meru National park a very remote park dissected by 13rivers and full of wildlife and Birdlife, visit the valleys of Hells gate and get to know why the name…Hike MtKenya and get to see some very breathtaking lakes and geographical formations , the Jumbos of  Amboseli,  get down to some history of Man-eaters of Tsavo, try the Northern Kenya dubbed cradle of Mankind and experience raw culture, Rare wildlife,  etc. Most of the attractions in Kenya are well documented on the internet, But , if you are looking for this great passion I have, you will need to get off your car at some point, engage a local and let them narrate a few folklores, we have a lot for almost everything. Do some chakacha in the Kenyan coast, lengua kiuno..sakata kabisa [bellydance], Dive with the dolphins, jump high with the Maasai if you are a Man and lucky to jump the highest you get to take all the girls Home lol!, take time with the locals and experience their way of life, cook and try some of their foods, herd cattle with them for a day, go fishing in Lake Victoria, join bullfighters in western Kenya come prepared and make sure your shoes are jig friendly , this guys can dance and shake their shoulders,  I still haven’t figured this dance.. Paraglide in lift valley and enjoy the landscape in Kerio Valley its out of this world, this are just, some of the activities that can add value to your safaris and what better way to make memorable moments than Experience??

My passion for this great Love of mine goes even beyond,  try our music and you will know my rhythm, my people are very friendly, hospitable and patient they will teach you how to dance the Kenyan way be it the traditional or Modern dance…when you plan to visit, leave your worries and come open minded..Kenya will waooh you! By now am sure you have captured my vibe, my Passion about This great love of mine…Am still exploring with excitement and am not stopping anytime soon, the thrill, the sights, the sounds….ooh how I love you Kenya!tala



To Diani By Bus just Like a local one hilarious journey…

If you read my last post ”From watamu with Love’ by now you know I had sworn not to go by bus any journey over 300km unless am driving me there hehe…Well I just did use a bus to Diani last weekend ooh to Mombasa ….well with such a convincing crew I was made to believe I shall be in first class with Mash Cool Bus 0f 2200hrs …its Via whatsapp guys so I can sue you lol! yes you LEO!…you promised more leg Room, wide spacious seats, wifi, sockets to charge your phone……well none of this happened coz when we arrived our bus was the old model a KBT wasnt as cool as the name and the Buses sandwiching us were all cool and fancy and gorgeous and……none of the sockets worked…and heloo I wasn’t even on First class either– shock on us lollest…I wasn’t amused of this but the guy we sent to buy tickets figured since all executive seats were sold out he would rather book any seat for the sake of travelling pamoja like United Kenyans we are, he will explain when we board hehe! Anyway we departed on time and had a slow smooth ride…..bila #LAWAMA…Thanks God it was a oneway Ticket…..

It was a journey we had planned for like three weeks before it came to be as our availability seemed not in-sync I guess we had amended our hotel booking to a point we couldn’t do it anymore we had to go with who-ever was available….and we safely Landed in Mombasa at 0700hrs and it was raining, we decided to hire transport but our Swahili sold us out and this guys started charging us ridiculous prices to south coast until an empty Matt [shot of matatu- public transport vans] showed up and just like that we were saved from contributing 600shillings each one of us to 180shillings each, yaa-hoo!! that meant more milk for some of us hehe..but it wasn’t going to be smooth as we had to alright then catch a  ferry from Mombasa Island to the other side [likoni and south coast] we went through check point b4 boarding a ferry and then getting our transport to Tiwi Beach on the other side…

we arrived at Amani Tiwi at 0930hrs, we were welcomed with a cold towel and the eucalyptus scent made the skin soo relaxed…….some cold juice..Briefing..the we had breakfast before retiring to the rooms for a few hrs but the weather just demanded you be in water all day, you basically turn into a fish…

Amani Tiwi beach Resort is on Tiwi beach Kwale county just before you get to Ukunda. the resort has  A total of 209 air-conditioned including 110 interconnecting rooms, 4 rooms specially designed to be wheelchair accessible. All rooms enjoy Split unit Air Conditioning, LCD Satellite TV, High speed Wifi internet connectivity, Telephone, Mini-fridge, in-room safes, Tea / Coffee making facilities, Hairdryer, Mosquito net and balcony. Amani Room – Overlooking the swimming pool, with 1 double queen and single bed. 4 of the Amani rooms are specially designed to be wheelchair friendly.amani tiwi
Amani Deluxe Rooms – King Size/ twin bed, 16 with Jacuzzi bathtubs and 10 with rain shower and customized African interiors. Amani Executive Suites – For the business traveller. All rooms have a king size bed and rain showers. Amani Royal Suites – King-size beds, personal valet on call 7am to 11pm, with separate living room and dining room. Complimentary Wi-Fi, house wine bottle per stay. Amani Grand Suites – Ultimate in luxury, King beds, Ocean facing. Complimentary Wi-Fi, airport transfers, head and shoulders massage for a couple once per stay. The resort has a huge pool measuring 167metres long with 3islands. the resorts has 4bars and % restaurants each catering for various cosmopolitan cuisines available. they have different Meal Plans but my advise is the All Inclusive package would favor guests more.

Our two Nights stay here was great very personalized service with a few complains here and there but they were acted upon immediately. The animation Team was on point too got us engaged through out our free time, my hands still aching from Beach volleyball, zumba, water polo etc. the food was good and the buffet was well supplied with enough varieties……in the evenings they also have different themes and shows that end around 2300hrs it wasnt enough for us and we decided to do our own Karaoke which was fun with our own Karaoke Queen Phoebe lol we had fun…on the last nigh they did a beach party and dance and a few guests were suprised with cakes as it was their birthdays we danced the night away and i didn’t get to see the proverbial mermaids or ghost crossing the sea at midnight besides a giant crab that decided it could join in the party….hehe if have seen this let me know and it could just be on my bucketlist.

beach changes pipo
Beach Changes People hehe my travelpartners in crime.. which camera now??

there is quite a number of activities you can do here e,g watersports, tours to the nearby attractions and parks……we checked out at 1500hrs and headed back to Mombasa getting there at around 1740hrs the traffic at Likoni caught up with us however we got at Coast Bus on time to pay for our tickets for 2230hrs Bus then decided to have diner and watch some football at Bellavista Restaurant…after ordering diner showed up at 2200hrs and not as requested we had to do with whatever they brought in a hurry and headed back to Coast Air bus quite hopeful that at KES1600 we will have the best to compensate our previous experience and guess what the only diff is the bus wasnt full so we used two seat each one of us but the seats arent as comfy, and the bus is soundproof , on aircon through out which might not be friendly for asthmatic persons and Kids, the bus had no wifi and no sockets  but you do get snacks water and soft drinks….. My Take; Buscar and Horizon buslines are still my most top rated so far untill I try another busline……..

If you would ever want to stay at Amani Tiwi beach Resort contact us at venture.omania@gmail.com or Text, Call, whatsapp at 0736 365 886

watch out for our tales from Diani beach…..next at Leopard Beach resort. But Before then

let us know your favorite Bus To Mombasa and Why?


An overnight in Nyahururu landed me a bush tour with Elephants in Marmanet Forest..

A visit to Nyahururu left me wondering if the town is in Nyandarua or Laikipia county well still in dispute..this name Nyahururu still puts a smile on my face as a friend from faar-away cant pronounce it, she keeps saying Nyururu….hehe. The name means a windy or stomy place. Initially it was called Thomson Falls after the famous explorer who named The falls on Ewaso Ngiro a Tributary of Ewaso Nyiro river near the town.

This town grew mainly because of the railway line passing here and many Indians had invested in shops though they later left it to the locals. The journey to Nyahururu from Nairobi Passes you through Naivasha-Gilgil- Olkalou and some rural towns as interesting as their names.. its such a scenic journey with a wonderful view of Aberdare Ranges..

I Have traveled this road many times before both for fun and Family Occasions, but this time round it was very interesting as  I was accompanied by a very informative Guide, a native of this region. The lands are very futile and farmers here plant potatoes and Maize on Large scale, there are also flowers farmers, Cabbages and carrots too. Milk processing is also a big business around this area.

Our overnight stay was at Thomson Falls Lodge and it was such a memorable moment; we were welcomed by Kikuyu traditional dancers and the Tfalls team outdid themselves with their Hospitality.

@Mytravelstories couldn’t resist the traditional jig.
ABOUT TFALLS LODGE;Thomson’s Falls lodge was built by Joseph Thomson, after he discovered the Thomson’s Falls. Joseph Thomson was the first to reach the falls in 1883 and named them after his father. Joseph was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was also the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880’s.The 72 m( ft) scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Ngiro river which drains from the Aberdare mountain range, is located in Nyahururu, Laikipia, at 2,360 m, also known as the highest town in Kenya. The area was originally a part of the indigenous forest surrounding the famous falls which to date is a home to many animals like the Columbus monkeys and various bird species. This was a haven for Thomson who decided to settle here and went ahead to construct a sprawling cottage facing the falls. The main house was brick cottage sprawled on the beautiful manicured lanes which has been maintained to date. After the discovery of the amazing falls, the place begun to receive many guests and Sir Thomson figured that he could not accommodate them all in his house, so he came up with the idea of building cottages within his compound to accommodate the large influx of guests at a small fee.
marmanet forest
Marmanet Forest
Most of his guests were white explorers and game hunters who were fascinated by the beauty and the stories of the falls and also used to flock Laikipia during the game hunting season.. In 1931, he built a total of 32 self contained cottages round the main house, which can still be seen to date. The idea picked up and the lodge grew every year as more guests visited the amazing Thomson’s fall. After many years of the lodge changing ownership, the cottages still remain to date and the various managements have done their best to retain the originality of the place. The cottages still maintain the colonial era feel but a few additions have been done like modern beds and wifi in the rooms. The main house over the years has been converted into the main restaurant, bar, reception and the main kitchen on the ground floor, with the administration block taking the upstairs space. You can still find artefacts, paintings and the original wooden floors put up by the founder, Mr. Joseph Thomson in the main building. To date a large pepper tree, planted by the immediate management that took over from Sir Joseph, stands in the premises as a reminder and in honour of the famous European. Thomson’s Falls Lodge has grown to be the major lodge in the whole of Laikipia and its environs Nyandarua among others. To date the Lodge receives and accommodates guests from the founder’s family who visit the falls every July without fail and spends at least a month at the lodge while visiting and enjoying other tourist attractions that have come up over the years. The falls by itself attracts visitors from all over the world. The colourful birds, the nature trail to the base of the falls and the traditional dancers by the falls are among the activities found here. Among other attractions nearby are the Hippo sanctuary, which is a kilometre away from the lodge, Aberdare National park, Solio ranch and the famous Ol Pajeta Conservancy, all a haven of the big five. Game drives to these attractions can be organized by the lodge or your travel agent.

However, the below attractions kind of won my Heart ,Lake Ol Bolossat, the only lake in the former Central Province, is an internationally recognised habitat for birds [IBA], with 180 species of birds. It is also home to 15 species of animals including hippopotamus. The lake is a popular destination among lovers of birdlife

The other is,  Marmanet forest  a must visit when you are in this area and you have time as its a walking tour. we had the hon our of the game warden showing us this forest which is under CFA and has a lot of   Birdlife and Indigenous trees, its also a habitat of  Elephants and the rangers guide you in watching them as they graze, the landscape is also gorgeous and you can also visit waterfalls but I must warn you even descending Thomson falls is a walk in the park.marmanet jumbos Amazingly the locals who are the custodian of its borders still walked in this forest without worry.  I must say it was soo fulfilling watching this animals. This tour needs someone who is relatively fit but worth every penny. Well,  every good thing has an end and when we got back to the hotel every joint was aching we must have walked for like 4hrs nonstop and some slopes were steep we enjoyed our Karaoke night at the hotel with the resident DJ before calling it a night. we still had the energy lol!

The following day after departure we decided to check the New Upcoming Panari Nyahururu Resort A huge project just across the Falls although not completely done it sure going to be a beautiful resort with lots of activities incorporated will sure tell you more once its fully operational….Your next Holiday in Nyahururu don’t , just rest in the hotel , Explore, you now know what to do in Nyahururu…