New Wildlife Strategy in the making in Kenya

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 12th June 2017)

Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary, Prof Judi Wakhungu, while flagging off the process of producing a new wildlife strategy, also this morning inaugurated a national steering to provide policy direction, high-level guidance and general oversight in the process to ensure broad based ownership and buy-in.

The committee will be chaired by the Conservation Principal Secretary Mr. Gideon Gathara.

The function at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upper Hill, Nairobi, was attended by other government agencies, development partners, non-governmental organisations, and community representatives, representatives of various embassies in Nairobi as well as the US Ambassador to Kenya HE Robert Godec.

The launch of the formulation is in line with the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013 and will be aligned to the Vision 2030 development blueprint and other relevant policy and legal frameworks, including SDGs, AICHI…

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Kenya Tourism and Kenya Wildlife Service sign partnership MoU

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 09th June 2017)

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in a bid to adopt a holistic approach to marketing Kenya’s wildlife product ahead of the August general election.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the key custodian of wildlife product that the country is best known for besides the beach product. As such, their mandate links well with that of KTB as we seek to market the country for diversified tourism products with wildlife and beach as iconic products‘ said KTB CEO, Dr. Betty Radier.

The joint MoU will see KWS and KTB undertake joint international media trips to expose the destination for safari product in national parks and game reserves. Furthermore, KWS and KTB will support each other on all initiatives aimed at promoting the destination both…

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Qatar Airways leaves no stone unturned in dealing with the GCC inflicted aviation crisis

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 07th June 2017)


When the political crisis in the Gulf unfolded two days ago were several countries swift to lash out first at Qatar Airways as a soft target. In some cases this prompted open allegations that it was to a large part inspired by the respective governments intent to give their own airlines, Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai and Air Arabia a boost – hoping that making life difficult for Qatar Airways will start a migration of passengers away from the five star airline to their own national and private carriers.
The plot however seems to have failed as Qatar Airways flights, finding much of the airspace around Qatar a sudden no go zone, was prompt to use Iranian airspace for departing and arriving flights, ensuring that connecting flights were not missed by…

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People Travel for various reasons, hers was an interesting journey to connect dots of history….

Tour To Lake Magadi; It wasnt my first time to L.Magadi but this one particular time It was really special. My guest wanted to see where her great grandparents lived and worked in the the 1920s or way before,,,, and era that associated with the colonial era in Kenya and famous historical personalities e.g writers, explorers, game hunters etc. Well from the images my Guest carried of that era I was able to patch up a few things that happened then in the 10hrs we were together more than the years I took during history class, or maybe I slept during that lesson hehe…..

We departed from mayfair Nairobi early enough as the journey through kajiado county isnot as smooth, past dry rugged country side past manyatta huts and lots of maasai herding – its a beautiful countryside even with its dryness,

we went on what many would call a goose hunt to lake magadi where her Great grand parents worked at the plants clinic

time for charity mag moments   the house images of the house and on the wayantihil

we were welcomed well and guided around the plant, a lot has changed since then but one particular building still remained and she was quite satisfied by that, However she still wanted to know if the house they lived still existed and upon showing one of the ladies at the plant she told us its the current law court house in kajiado town,, waoh!!! That was way back so we decided to tour beyond the plant to hot water springs before retiring for lunch at the magadi plant clubhouse.

negotiating for souveniers  and the hot water spring


One word for this Use landcruiser as the road beyond the plant was veery rocky….But the view is breathtaking and my! my! aren’t they blessed with birds???…..After lunch we headed back to kajiado and as much as the courthouse looked like the house in the 1920s photo something missed and no house around looked like it so we decided we had done our best, BUT on our way back we spotted a house that just looked like it, it was getting late but we gathered courage and knocked, and for sure it was the same house you can imagine the excitement??  its the residential house for kajiados DC and he was quite welcoming nothing had changed just a few renovations here and there and That was the climax of this journey. Apparently all Magadi plant senior workers lived in kajiado 112km apart, they commuted every day with a Tri-circle on rails’ pushed by the locals.

So you love Game of Thrones? Book this tours Now….

So you love game of Thrones? ToursByLocals Has something for you and we highly recommend them to all travelers, no one knows and understand a destination than a local guide. Follow the links for more information.

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Game of Thrones Tours! Because Season 7 is Coming…

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If you’re not, chances are you know someone who is – such is the popularity of HBO’s hit series, about to launch its seventh season. Fans are counting down the days until July 16, when the heady cocktail of fantasy, suspense and medieval escapism returns to their screens.

The cast of Game of Thrones has gained celebrity, but they’re not the only stars: the show’s filming locations have also been launched into the spotlight, as fans from around the world travel to Dubrovnik, Split, Seville, Iceland and Northern Ireland for glimpses of King’s Landing, the Town of Qarth, Braavos, Meereen and City of Dorne.

If you’re a fan, or if you’re traveling with one, a Game of Thrones tour is a fantastic way to please everyone: you’ll learn some real history along with a dose of fantasy, and perhaps come home with a bit of juicy on-set gossip to share.

So here you go: a quick rundown of our most popular Game of Thrones tours, so you can impress the fan in your life when you visit Seville, Croatia, Belfast or Iceland. But book quick! These tours are some of the most popular experiences on ToursByLocals.

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

The ultimate Game of Thrones experience! ToursByLocals guide Tom in Dubrovnik pioneered the Game of Thrones tour before any other guide in the country, and this 2-hour tour really is the original and best. Don’t miss spending time in Dubrovnik with a true aficionado!

Game of Thrones in Split, Croatia

Walk in the shoes of Arya Stark, with a visit to “Braavos” (Kaštel Gomilica) in Split, Croatia. “Vjeran was an exceptional guide for our deep dive into the history, people, and unique features of Split as a major filming site for Games of Thrones”, writes one of his most recent guests.

Game of Thrones in Seville

In the fifth season, Andalucia in southern Spain was “Meereen”, the northernmost and greatest of the city states in the Bay of Dragons. Your guide will take you from Sevilla to Osuna, stopping to enjoy Game of Thrones-themed tapas and cocktails. (Will you order a Lannister or a Greyjoy?)

Game of Thrones in Iceland

As if Iceland’s landscapes weren’t spectacular enough to begin with, now you can picture fire-breathing dragons soaring over its famous waterfalls. Long-time guide (and Game of Thrones fan) Stefan will show you where the Hound and Bryanne of Tarth fought over Arya, and where a herd of goats met a fiery end…

Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has seen a surge in visitors looking for Game of Thrones tours exactly like this one offered by our Belfast guide Joe. And the reviews are resounding: “By far the best tour my wife and I have ever taken”, wrote a recent American traveller, who loved Joe’s insider, on-set knowledge of the show.

Laikipia makes it to the 52 Places to go in 2017 by New York Times

AMG Realtors

For the 12th straight year, the Travel section of New  York Times presents its annual Places to Go issue, interestingly at number 47 is none other than Laikipia county amplifying our commitment and urge of selling land in this amazing county.

ol-al-nyiro-ranch Ol Al Nyiro Ranch in Laikipia county

The paper ranks the best places to visit around the world, Laikipia was ranked among other world destinations like Atacama Desert in Chile, Zermatt in Switzerland and Grand Teton National park, Wyoming.

Among the specific places in Laikipia that the paper recommends as a must visit is the Borana Conservancy, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the sustainable Conservation of critical Habitat and wildlife.

Also given a special mention is a newly opened property called Arijiju famous for guides who take guests on excursions including fly fishing, trail running, horseback riding and tree canopy tours.

Arijiju Retreat.jpg Arijiju Retreat in Laikipia

Laikipia is the…

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True Countryside To Visit

my travel stories

“……Why do you always travel all over?” This is one of the many questions I get from friends, family and even followers of my Travel stories. My answer is always so simple: “….I travel because I want to know my country and learn new to appreciation of how lucky I am to live or to be a visitor to a destination”

Then I ask everyone every time “…..why don’t you travel?” The answers shock me while others make me almost cry, one of my great friends once told me “…..I don’t travel because I gain nothing and travel doesn’t add value in my life but it is an expense to me for when I do travel I just spend with no gain!…..”

Traveling helps one in many things in life like reducing stress which I mostly do by cycling or going for a nature walk to places like Karura Forest…

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