KENYA: Visit Lodwar, But Do Not Travel By Night And Beware Of Bandits.

Awesome detailed and on point. Haven’t done lodwar by bus
Only via campers of which there are soo many scheduled tours for those who want to enjoy the journey and have stopovers in scenic places along the way.. also flying packages for quick tours etc… loved your article..

Tourism Observer

Eliye Spring Resort in Lodwar
Lodwar is a special place. The capital of Turkana County, which is also known as the cradle of humankind and lies within the Northern Rift Valley region of Kenya , it is the warmest town in Kenya with a temperature average of 29 degrees Celsius per year. The Loima Hills lie to its west.

It is one of the sunniest places in the world, receiving an average of 3,600 hours of sunshine annually.

It’s not easy to journey to the town located approximately 700 kilometers from the capital, Nairobi. No bus company services that route, so one has to travel to the town of Kitale to get a connecting bus.

Upon arriving in Kitale, you realize that there are only two bus companies that operate in Lodwar, Eldoret Express and Dayah Express. I buy a ticket for Dayah and wait 2 hours before we leave.

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