Skydiving over the Kenyan Coast

Dare to Explore

Adrenaline runs in my blood. Being outdoors is what I do and I never stop exploring. With a successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014, I knew I had to set myself up for something even greater …

We had just brought in 2015, and on the second day of this new year, I knew what it was that I wanted to do – Jump out of a plane!

I’ve watched countless people skydive, but I hadn’t met anyone who had actually done it.  The fact that I could do it in Kenya sealed the deal, and so the very next day, it was time.

Mark suited me up, walked me through skydiving etiquette and said “it’s no big deal, you just jump, and enjoy the view”.  Mark had done over 400 jumps in different parts of the world. (eyes rolling)

Skydive 6

There was 6 of us going skydiving that day, 5…

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Youngsters Contribution Towards Wildlife Conservation.

Very true it’s best to train youngsters as they will be our environment’s custodians tomorrow.

Cheche Winnie

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” Fredrick Douglass

It is true that we learn and stick to the teachings most done while we were still young. When we are still young, nothing seems to block our dreams and vision. We are not afraid of failures and only believe on winning. Our souls are filled with great ideas and dreams. Our parents and surrounding communities support our big dreams but sadly fade as we grow up when we need them the most.


Years pass by and we grow up. We start experiencing failures in some of our dreams and reality start hitting us in a big negative way. At this point if your support system is not strong and supportive, the visions and dreams start dying slowly. You start caving in rather than fighting for your dreams.

We are social being and our behaviors highly affected…

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Giraffe Ark Game lodge a gem in Nyeri county.

If you are a follower of my blog by now you know how hard it is for me to turn down a trip to Mt.Kenya tourism circuit… and today was that time again. When an invite to visit Giraffe ark Came along I took it because I had missed visiting this gorgeous property far too many times.

Giraffe Ark Game lodge is 3 and a half hours from Nairobi its located in Muiga 36km from Nyeri town. Its tucked near Aberdare Ranges. Even though muiga can get quite dry and dusty on arrival I noticed the lodge has maintained its compounds very green and have planted a lot of trees.


At the receptions we were received warmly with a cold towel and fresh juice. During my stay here Victoria the marketing Manager who was our host gave us a tour of the property. Giraffe Ark Lodge has a choice of 30 rooms: 6 Deluxe, 5 Luxury, 1 Royal Suite, and 18 Executive Suites , they have incorporated a blend of Pan African, Western, Oriental and Arabian themes.


All rooms have verandah/balconies, Flat Screen TV’s with premium channels (DSTV), Ensuite bathrooms with hot water. Most of the rooms also have an exquisite view of the Majestic Mount Kenya. From the furnishing in the rooms is obvious the propriety has heavily invested in the décor. Its actually evident through-out the lodge. Everything is placed masterfully.


The rooms I can guarantee you are very comfortable and quite spacious, airy and well lit. Another thing I noted is they are located away from the social places hence giving you the peace and serenity you might need while on holiday.



The chef didn’t disappoint either the meals were delicious. They have a restaurant that serves European and Kenyan classics with a twist. They offer the freshest flavours of locally sourced produce, as they work with the farmers who provide them with the best the market has to offer , The property also have a beautiful and well equiped chinese restaurant where you can catch all the latest sporting events on mounted big screens . The environment blends well with nature as you enjoy a sundowner cocktail drink at our elevated terrace restaurant above a rocky dam. The outdoor sitting area offers a good atmosphere as you also take advantage of Aberdare range’s fresh air.


There are many activities one can engage in while there e.g Swimming, cycling, horse riding, hiking, game drives ETC you can also engage in rounds of chess from their giant chess boards and if you have small kids there is an arena for them. The property also has a conference facility and grounds great for events.

We highly recommend this property and we thank Mr.Peter Magu for hosting us.

Should you ever want to to stay at giraffe Ark Game lodge, write to us or call, text, Whatsapp +254722838338


my travel stories

Have you ever been to a place, then you suddenly realize that you had not explored it fully? This is what happens to many visitors to Nairobi National Museum. Most visitors only enjoy a tour of the beautiful galleries and displays with very few of setting foot in the garden located along the river bank. Am talking about the Nairobi Botanic Garden, one of the few places in the Nairobi National Museum that visitors pay attention to on their visit to the National Museum. At this beautiful garden is a nature trail that meanders in the midst of well curved and molded sculptures that leaves one with wonders of their great artistic forms pondering on their significance. It is comprised of lawns with some sections under shade of magnificent and diversified tree species. After doing some reading and research, I have come to learn that the garden was a product…

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Is there more to family travel in Kenya Beyond All inclusive resorts? Must read for every Family planning a vacation this Holiday.

Memories made together last and bide a family a lifetime

When I was young, Family vacations were spent at my grandparents house. It was un-written rule that all grand-kids were to spend their long school holidays there. It was fun making pots out of clay, picking wild berries, sliding through the mud, cooking in Tins…. Everyday we were busy doing something, and by the time we got home to grand ma’s and great grandmas fairy tales, we were worn out and all we needed was to eat, shower and drag our selves to bed.

Fast forward in our world today, Many parents just want all inclusive resorts because the young ones will be kept entertained and busy through out the day. Kenya happens to have such resorts that have mastered the art of Family travel and to our rating , Voyager beach Resort, Baobab Beach resort & Spa and Turtle bay Beach club all on the Kenyan coast would rank highly on this.

There are quite few things we need to consider before taking that Family vacation

  • Family vacations aren’t about the destination, the sights etc its about Family. Focus on spending time together not hoping from one destination to the next.
  • Remember that each family members fun might be different from the rest, sit down and narrow down to activities that you all can enjoy considering the interest of each of you. Trust me you don’t want to go around with groomy members… hehehe!
  • When all is in order consult an expert, let them give you a few options according to your shortlisted interests. Consult friends and ask for recommendations. The advantage of this is, the travel consultant has a wealth of knowledge and he/she will save you time and energy.
  • Its always good to ask another family to join you wherever possible. That puts more people in charge of planning and takes some of the pressure off of you. It’s also a great way to save money. For example, you can split on a number of things e.g Transport, accommodation etc. When kids have playmates along, kids are more easily managed, and more people on hand means more eyes to help you watch your brood!
  • When all the planning has been done and you have settled on a package always remember to let your agent know in-case there are special diets requirements. Some hotels and lodges also don’t take children below a certain age..reconfirm all this things.
  • Don’t forget that travel expands our minds including children’s it also a good way of reconnecting and bonding. Remember you are away from your schedules so there will be a lot of focus on each other. Embrace this moment and learn one another.

when all is in place remember to pack and carry a lot of patience as children can get cranky when you list expect. Bear in mind there are quite a number of destinations and activities around Kenya that kids can enjoy besides the beach. E.G cycling, camping, bird watching, game drives… It always good to expose this young ones to different forms of travel it opens up their mind to different possibilities. Places that can give kids different form of experience are Farm houses or hotels. They get to learn more on where most of the products they love come from, how they are grown or manufactured. Some of this properties come highly recommended.

Goshen Farm House in Muranga.early-morning.jpg

This is A small property tucked in the highlands of murang’a County, it boasts all the trimmings of a city boutique hotel, in the country side. It has 24 spacious rooms, each with a balcony. your views every day is tea plantation surrounding the hotel and the beautiful landscape of hilly neighborhood. There are quite a number of activities one can engage in as they also keep domestic animals e.g tea picking, feeding and herding cattle, cycling, football day tours to chinga dam etc for more infor check this link out


Olepangi farm house in Nanyuki


This luxurious farm house sits in a big farm ranch on the foothills of Mt.kenya. its located in one of the most scenic places in Timau. your stay here feels short no mater how long as there are quite a number of activities one can engange in. From farm activities, to horse riding, to Nature walks to Hiking…. check them out here



Ocean sports Malindi

Ocean Sports has always been a family friendly hotel. Located on 14 acres, the majority of which is still indigenous bush, our prime, beach front location and large gardens make it the perfect place for any child to explore.

images (1).jpg

You won’t find a ‘kids club’ here showing endless cartoons, instead, each child is given a challenge on arrival, a check list of 50 things to do at Ocean Sports where we take full advantage of the nature and wildlife which surrounds us.

The hotel has chickens, ducks and quail; guinea fowl roam the gardens. Plated lizards can be seen sunbathing on the rocks and bush babies and night jars heard in the evenings. Your children will leave Ocean Sports having learnt and seen a great deal, and usually with a host of new friends.

There are quite a number of holiday options one can explore the only thing your travel agent need to identify is your interest, age and energy levels.

Know of a place with unique experiences? kindly comment and recommend it we would like to hear from you.

#Nigeria announces Visa on Arrival for African citizens

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 16th October 2017)

In line with demands made by leading travel and tourism bodies across Africa, including Nigeria’s Ikechi Uko’s campaign to lift Visa requirements for Africans traveling across the continent, has Nigeria now given indication that this may soon become reality for African citizens wishing to travel to Nigeria.While the Seychelles require no Visa whatsoever from any nationality has Rwanda two years ago started to offer Visa on arrival for citizens of African Union member states and earlier this year did Ghana follow suit.
Now, and this move is expected to prod other key African nations in to action, has Nigeria followed suit, penetrating the Berlin Walls many African countries had erected against travelers from fellow African nations.
Said a regular contributor from Kenya: ‘It is hard to imagine that tourists from…

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Mount Longonot: I am coming for you (8th October 2017)

Dare to Explore

She sits majestically along the Rift Valley.  As thousands of people make their journey down the escarpment, she holds her head up high and dares anyone who has an ounce of adventure to come and climb her.  It had been ages since I took on that dare.  Every time I passed her, I’d always say “I’ll be back”.  Her peak would proudly gleam, pointing to the heavens in response.  She would call out to me and say “I am waiting”.  She rises from the floor of the Great Rift Valley, an extinct volcano – she is Mount Longonot.


Hiking is my passion, my Zen.  My call to the universe to satisfy this craving to hit peaks and to dare to explore, attracted a group of people who share this same desire – Women Who Hike (and the men who support women who hike).  The name was befitting.

On the 8

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Rebranding underway for Eka Hotel and Ol Tukai Lodge

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 04th October 2017)


Three properties will now come under the name of Manrik Hotels, which made its debut appearance at this year’s Magical Kenya Travel Expo.
Comprising the Eka Hotel, located along the airport highway close to both Wilson and Jomo Kenyatta airports does Manrik also incorporate the Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli and the Kibo Villa, also in Amboseli.
The Eka Hotel in Nairobi offers guests 169 rooms and suites including special needs guestrooms while the Ol Tukai Lodge comprises 80 rooms facing both Mt. Kilimanjaro and the extensive plains and swamps in front of the lodge.
The Kibo Villa is set in its own five acres of woodlands and offers three bedrooms, dining, lounge and a BBQ area for the exclusive use of villa guests.

(Eka Hotel bedroom and pool area)

While speaking with the…

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Why I love the Maasai Mara (22 September 2014 )

Dare to Explore

Many stories have been written on the Maasai Mara  about how beautiful the park is – The incredible wildebeest migration as one of the wonders of the world. The Mara’s mysteries  continuously unfolding to present the kind of African dream people dream about: watching a roaring lion, photographing a hunting cheetah, spotting the caracal cat and even having a glimpse of the striped hyena.

I grew up in Kenya, and have been to the Maasai Mara many times. I returned to work in the Maasai Mara in 2013. Why, you may wonder, do I keep going back to the same place when there are thousands of beautiful destinations across the globe? I will tell you why – because going back to the Maasai Mara is like going to a new place every time. The cycle of the wild, the rebirth of the earth and the resonating energy of millions of souls…

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