Zania – A Falls Away…

Dare to Explore

Even after seeing the roaring falls of Niagara in Ontario Canada, and the majesty of the beautiful Victoria in Zambia, who would’ve thought that a mere falls like Zania would still create bubbling excitement for me?

Yet indeed she did.


November 12th 2017.  It was another supposedly typical Sunday morning in Nairobi – for everyone else.  Not for the Women Who Hike and the men who support Women Who Hike.  We left Nairobi closer to 7am as we got onto the Thika highway and headed towards Nyeri.  Destination: Zania Falls – a place I had only heard about but had yet to discover.  The stories were always the same:  Zania Falls was a spectacular waterfall discovered by hiking through lush green valleys in the Aberdare Ranges.

The drive to Nyeri was long. At least 3 hours on the bus before we arrived at our destination where we were greeted…

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From Machame with love Courtesy of Salinero hotels.. Part One!


Sometimes it feels good to just lay back and let someone else handle your travel plans, book your tickets, hotel etc all you need is just to show up. And that’s what happened to my recent trip to Tanzania courtesy of salinero Hotels. I don’t have such a good memory with Tanzania borders, last time I told the officer to just give me my documents and go back to Kenya hehehe! At Namanga border things were Drama free, efficient, quick, given that now both TZ and KE immigration departments is one-stop….

There is something about road trips. It’s like you become part and parcel of the destination you get to see, smell and experience a place more intimately, Now combine that with good company… and some good Bongo flava music…yaaahoo!  Tahmeed Bus our busline of choice on this trip, made sure we got the best of Tanzanian music and we couldn’t resist singing along Alikiba’s  chekecha cheketuas song….. and especially that our karaoke team was on this trip….


Jamani ninataka saule 
kama mapenzi gorofa yamejaa Kariakoo
Nina mapenzi tele kama kwetu kule
Wanaonitaka ni wengi ila mimi kwako nyang’a nyang’a nyang’a

Nini unataka mi nina miujiza nini unataka
Ama ni maji ya bluelight sema nini unataka
Nikugeuze Princess sema nini unataka
Unavyo biringa bayondo hivyo mi ndo nataka taka sana natakaa

Nini unataka mi nina miujiza nini unataka
Nikugeuze Princess sema nini unataka
Siamini yaani siamini yamenipanda kichwani
mahaba ya kuota sinitimi yamenikoleza mwilini
Siamini ooh siamini yamenipanda kichwani
mahaba ya kuota sinitimi yamenikoleza mwilini

Haya chekecha chekecha chekecha chekecha chekecha……….

There is something about Alikiba, his music is infectious, his performances are kind of sweet and cheeky, you get consumed into the words and rhythm you can,t help but sing and dance along. We had a wonderful time, breathtaking views of farmlands .. until we got to Arusha and discovered that one of us was double booked! Yes, as in, he was meant to stand all the way to Moshi so that the new client can seat….let’s just say what happened Next Tahmeed won’t be forgetting us for a longtime lol!  Kenyans na ‘Haki yetu’ is not just a saying but a lifestyle…. However the seats were comfortable, entertainment was good and the power sockets actually worked..

Upon arrival at Machame our host didn’t take long to pick us up and this is where our full blown bongoflava music commenced, a beautiful fun relation that was going to last three days I am talking about our driver guide and his vehicle lol! For all those doing group travels to Arusha and Moshi we highly recommend him. His vehicle is clean, hes friendly and very professional at his work, The music system in his van is well equalized.

Yoyo moments!! with our guide Charles and the now famous BongoFlava Van…
Any way our first day was going to be spent at Salinero Millie lodge, we checked in at around midday. The lodge is stunning, its majestically located at 1800m above sea level and just a few meters to Machame, one of  the Entrance gate to Kilimanjaro. It located in a very peaceful place and have wonderful views of the surrounding forest and Mt.Kilimanjaro. The staff here were quite welcoming, professional and very friendly.  The rooms were quite spacious and had a balcony where one can enjoy open views. I must also commend the chef for he didn’t disappoint, every detail seemed its well thought  of and we can highly recommend this lodge to anyone without fear.


After lunch and freshening up we had a village tour with a local guide called Peter, He had the most interesting English accent ever, he was quite an attraction himself but also very knowledgeable. He guided us through locals way of life from local brews traditions to coffee farming, roasting and tasting experiences. Machame is on the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro with lots of flowing water allover in small trails and rivers, waterfalls and caves it felt like a land of milk and honey…The farmer in me came alive and saw opportunities right center and left…

After our village tour we went back to the hotel to relax and freshen up for diner. Our host Mr and Mrs Benjamin Mengi’ had organized a welcome party at their Residence. They are the proprietors of Sarinero hotels we had a wonderful time and learnt quite a lot of things about Tanzania. Our first day was quite impressive.

Thank you Salinero for being a wonderful host and Moe for being with us and making sure we had value in every tour we took. Bigups Y@ll!


Six reasons why solo travel is my Soul Therapy

Why we shouldn’t limit ourselves when it comes to travel. When you travel solo any day is departure day you are also not limited to how long you can spend in a particular destination as you got no one interests to consider but yourself.

Travel with Swagatika

When I announced my plans to travel solo to Goa,  I encountered a lot of raised eyebrows from my friends. Some of the questions were “Travelling solo in Goa? Why?”  “Why are you not taking Sai (my husband)?” I realized that people still have reservations about travelling solo, and that it is supposed to be the last resort when you have nobody to accompany you. It nagged me that we are still not comfortable with the idea of being alone when travelling and that it is not out of concern for safety. It sometimes borders on snide judgement about not taking our partners if we are married.

I love travelling with Sai and my friends. But, I also indulge in occasional solo travelling as its my Soul therapy. It heals me as an individual and adds a dash of panache to my life.

Here are my six reasons why I…

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