Six reasons why solo travel is my Soul Therapy

Why we shouldn’t limit ourselves when it comes to travel. When you travel solo any day is departure day you are also not limited to how long you can spend in a particular destination as you got no one interests to consider but yourself.

Travel with Swagatika

When I announced my plans to travel solo to Goa,  I encountered a lot of raised eyebrows from my friends. Some of the questions were “Travelling solo in Goa? Why?”  “Why are you not taking Sai (my husband)?” I realized that people still have reservations about travelling solo, and that it is supposed to be the last resort when you have nobody to accompany you. It nagged me that we are still not comfortable with the idea of being alone when travelling and that it is not out of concern for safety. It sometimes borders on snide judgement about not taking our partners if we are married.

I love travelling with Sai and my friends. But, I also indulge in occasional solo travelling as its my Soul therapy. It heals me as an individual and adds a dash of panache to my life.

Here are my six reasons why I…

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