Our favorite seven Luxurious wilderness lodges in Kenya.

In 2016 kenya topped as one of luxury safari seekers favorite destination. If you have been here you would definitely know why. Well, it still remains one of the best luxury safari destinations in the world with more cultural variety than any other country, and better game viewing than many of them. The freedom to explore here is also unrivaled and the vast expanses of wilderness cannot fail to enchant any safari goer. There are still vast areas of remote private community land with one or two lodges and camps within them – often meaning no people and amazing game viewing. Kenya boasts everything from wild rolling hills, open plains, rivers, lakes, white sandy beaches and mountains. We have earned the bragging rights of being one of the most magical places there is in the world. we are without a doubt A #MagicalKenya.

Besides being a premier destination Kenya also boasts to have some of the most luxurious accommodations in East Africa, you will be spoilt for choice. Below are our seven favorite luxurious wilderness lodges  in kenya.

1.  Angama lodge- Maasai Mara


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2. Elsa kopje- Meru National Park

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3.Samburu Saruni lodge

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4. Lentorre Lodge Magadi

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5. Solio lodge

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6. Oldonyo lodge Chyulu hills


7. Sanctuary at Ole-Ntille



whats your favorite places in Kenya..

So how are things at Olepangi Farm house?

Olepangi House Accepting Catered and Self-Catered Guests starting in July 2018
 Now that the big house at olepangi is nearly finished, The owners decided it needs a more grown up name and one more fitting with it’s elegance and unique architecture. It’s now Olepangi House and we are, quite simply, thrilled with the results.  The views of the mountain are sublime and the views looking towards the Lolldaigas and the passing wildlife are breathtaking.
Olepangi House is a haven of peace and beauty and will cater perfectly for an intimate group of adult friends and family. Hire on a catered or self-catered basis, the house has three bedrooms, private sitting rooms, multiple balconies, kitchen, outdoor areas and free range of our 120 acre farm bordering Ole Naishu and the Lolldaigas.  The house comes with a cook and housekeeper.


Now Running Weekend Safaris into Lolldagais
The farm is also running weekend riding, walking and driving safaris into our favorite place in the world . . . Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.  It is an extraordinary experience to spend time in such a beautiful place full of a wide variety of wildlife and devoid of people and tourist vehicles.  Dates include:  16-20 August13-16 December and 3-6 January.


 To book or enquire more information reach out to us on Please enquire about our reasonable rates at luxitafrica@gmail.com