Looking for something Unique in A safari In East Africa here are some out of the ordinary Journeys to experience this magical lands


Walking Wild in Laikipiak Maasai-land is a walking safari experience through one of Kenya’s best wildlife viewing habitats – the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This area provides some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa and are home to a wide variety of game including the “Big Five” (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo), over 420 species of birds, Reticulated Giraffe, Cheetah, numerous different antelopes, and endangered species such as the Grevy’s Zebra and Sitatunga. Professional guides lead the walking safaris starting on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, recognized as one of Africa’s top safari destinations. Guests will traverse a variety of ecosystems, enabling them to experience the diversity of flora and fauna that the areas have to offer. Tokeo la picha la images of camel safaris in northern kenyaThe focus of the safari is learning about the ecosystems as well as the local Maasai culture. Guests will be taught tracking techniques and other vital bush skills, as well as how to identify and understand the behavior of the insects, plants, and animals they come across. Local Maasai morani (warriors) will join the guests to give insight into traditional Maasai customs. Walking is done in the cool hours of the day from 0730 to 1200, usually four to five hours. We rest up during the heat of the day and another walk is done in the evening exploring the areas around camp, for sundowners, etc. This is a walking safari supported by camels, however camels can be ridden when the terrain or route allows. Accommodation The fly camp consists of sleeping tents which are dome shade netting tents. This is one of the most rewarding adventure anyone can experience.


Explore Lake Victoria on specifically designed aquatic home for an interesting and unique getaway experience.Whether you are wanting to escape from it all with friends or family to just have fun & relax,  celebrate a special occasion, explore Lake Victoria’s many islands viewing the abundant bird life or cast a line for that big fish,  ‘What a Pleasure’ is a comfortable 40 foot double deck pontoon able to accommodate up to 8 people and comes fully fitted with all the facilities of a self contained cottage, 2 crew and meals included.

you may also take the nile cruise have lunch or just enjoy the sunset on board the reflection over nile is soo breathtaking, in addition you may enjoy water sports e.g Rafting, kayaking etc

GORILLA TRACKING IN UGANDA AND RWANDA ;Tracking Gorillas or chimps is a unique experience! The mountain goriGorilla Tracking Rwanda VNPlla is the world’s most endangered great ape and only found in protected forests in south western Uganda, north western Rwanda and eastern Congo (DRC). To see them up close in their natural habitat is every safari lover’s dream!

Gorilla permits are on high demand, its advisable  to book your gorilla tracking at least 2 months in advance.

They’re hard to reach but travellers to either of these two little-visited national parks will soon 5 African Adventures to Have Before You Die chimps 1realise why: lying on the shores of L.Tanganyika, mountainous Mahale and Gombe offer a pristine Central African rainforest to explore. Forest birds, butterflies and small mammals are abundant but it’s the primates that steal the show and none more so than chimpanzees. Greystoke Mahale - exteriorAlthough the chimpanzees are the star attraction of the Gombe Stream National Park, they are not the only one – there are many other species, including baboon, vervet monkey, red colobus monkey, blue monkey and bush babies. A Gombe safari is a great opportunity to meet a chimpanzee up close – go chimp trekking during the July to October dry season when chimpanzees forage at lower altitudes and are easier to find.

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