Tourism Investment Opportunities


Thokozela was established as a means to help owners to use their land to start a tourism product. The company also lends assistance with managing, marketing and operating these products and implements training programmes to empower the communities involved. As a result, the livelihoods of these people are enhanced through skills development and the ensuing potential for creating small businesses.
A happy, feel good sense permeates the Thokozela brand as it continues to uplift rural communities. Now, it has expanded its stable to incorporate a number of rustic bush camps and lodges to augment its authentic African offering to the tourism market.
Our products showcase Africa’s unique spirit through a variety of channels be it our accommodation, wholesome cuisine or cultural entertainment and activities. It’s through our venture into the Uganda and Kenya market that we do come across a number of investment opportunities in Tourism related projects be it properties, destination development etc. for anyone interested in joint ventures or property purchases kindly contact in South Africa or in Kenya with details what you are looking for and we can recommend opportunities. However, if you would want to invest in our brand contact Wessel on the

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