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Tour To Lake Magadi; It wasnt my first time to L.Magadi but this one particular time It was really special. My guest wanted to see where her great grandparents lived and worked in the the 1920s or way before,,,, and era that associated with the colonial era in Kenya and famous historical personalities e.g writers, explorers, game hunters etc. Well from the images my Guest carried of that era I was able to patch up a few things that happened then in the 10hrs we were together more than the years I took during history class, or maybe I slept during that lesson hehe…..

We departed from mayfair Nairobi early enough as the journey through kajiado county isnot as smooth, past dry rugged country side past manyatta huts and lots of maasai herding – its a beautiful countryside even with its dryness,

we went on what many would call a goose hunt to lake magadi where her Great grand parents worked at the plants clinic

time for charity mag moments   the house images of the house and on the wayantihil

we were welcomed well and guided around the plant, a lot has changed since then but one particular building still remained and she was quite satisfied by that, However she still wanted to know if the house they lived still existed and upon showing one of the ladies at the plant she told us its the current law court house in kajiado town,, waoh!!! That was way back so we decided to tour beyond the plant to hot water springs before retiring for lunch at the magadi plant clubhouse.

negotiating for souveniers  and the hot water spring


One word for this Use landcruiser as the road beyond the plant was veery rocky….But the view is breathtaking and my! my! aren’t they blessed with birds???…..After lunch we headed back to kajiado and as much as the courthouse looked like the house in the 1920s photo something missed and no house around looked like it so we decided we had done our best, BUT on our way back we spotted a house that just looked like it, it was getting late but we gathered courage and knocked, and for sure it was the same house you can imagine the excitement??  its the residential house for kajiados DC and he was quite welcoming nothing had changed just a few renovations here and there and That was the climax of this journey. Apparently all Magadi plant senior workers lived in kajiado 112km apart, they commuted every day with a Tri-circle on rails’ pushed by the locals.


….My journey in tourism professionally started back in 1999 after clearing high school and Joining College; a way for my parent to keep me off trouble as I await my admission in journalism sister still thinks i should have tried radio – dont ask why lol!–well it never happened, after my industrial attachment in Tsavo I fell madly, truly, crazily in love with Tourism which also made me realize it was always in my blood having been an active member of Wildlife clubs of kenya, Environmental clubs etc and actually writing about all our trips through our journalism club during my Primary and High school life……Its been a passionate journey that paved way for Venture Omania Africa Safaris after 10yrs of Employment and travel, its funny how it came to be though; coz it was still at the back of my mind , but the birth of my son hastened it as then I needed to do something that wont make me miss a single of his milestone and working from home was a super option and in the year 2009 I was blessed with two newborns……hehe, best Thing ever…..Am still hooked to tourism and before I sell a destination I make sure I experience it first…..follow me and you can also experience my part of the world and feel free to share your part too………and lots of laughter…..

At Rocky Resort Naivasha;phot

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