Helloo 2016 looking forward to more magical places….below were my 2015 five good and bad..

Dear 2016 its an honor to be here and just to warn you 2015 took us to spectacular places met wonderful people and had wonderful cultural experiences. A few experiences stood out;

  1. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, Olepangi farm house on the slopes of Mt.kenya it should be on everyone who wants a farm and adventure experience in a luxury setting,
  2. INTERESTING ,Rocky resort in Naivasha has some of the best designed gardens and the rooms construc
    rocky rooms.jpg

    Rocky Resort Naivasha

    ted in the image of a tree bark quite interesting I must say…. And the decor inside surely the owner hasnt left anything to chance, must2016checkins






3. BEST MEAL on a trip to Kajiado county with my fellow Tour operators we visited ISLAND dreams Camp, this is one hidden gorgeous place not far off the Nairobi national park borders it has both luxury rooms and camping facilities, though the place hasn’t been completely done you can just tell

island dream camp.jpg

Island Dreams Camp

its gonna be smashing….the chef though is one unforgettable guy coz his food is mouth watering done to the highest standard oooh and served in the same standards….hes a keeper..




4. WILDERNESS IN THE CITY…..wildebeest Eco Camp is In Karen sub-abs of Nairobi, the owners build it without interfering with the natural surroundings hence its in between acacia trees creating a wilderness atmosphere with well manicured grounds…I must say it has this quiet laid back atmosphere you immediately forget you in the city. The accommodation is a mixture of budget and luxury tents and camping facilities are available too. I fell in-love with their Raised restaurant overlooking the swimming pool and fish pond you need to relax withing this city check in at wildebeest Eco camp

5.BEST TRAVEL CREW…this goes without saying TOSK [Tour Operator society of Kenya] are the best travellers you can join, they are quite interesting persons full of humor well informed,  combine that with travel experience and creativity and you guaranteed to come back refreshed and full of energy, well, am sure by now you wondering who are this guys: they are young energetic Tours and Travel packagers in East Africa, they are the guys you speak to when you need roads trips in East Africa, weekend getaways, Zumba, hikes, Extreme sports, or when you need something out toskl.jpgof the usual by now you might know some of them,,, yees one of them took you to Zaina falls, another to Arusha, another to Ethiopia, yees even to Victoria falls, Another to kampala, Zanzibar, Malindi , another to the rooftop of Africa, He or she is the one who convinced you its time to  get Bungee jumping off your buckelist….Got you a ticket to a Major event…..its no Drill its Real hahaha! Its a travel movement Join the crew and bring travel cost down…Trust me you get stranded anywhere this guys will make a way out for you…Oops They are Tour Guides first so I guess they got the Manual lol!

well the above were just a few of those unforgettable memories having crisscrossed kenya last year having some Bad moments too from being double booked and sorting other means of accommodation ooh yes it does happen to us too but it opened up doors to a place never new existed to ordering sweet wine and getting served with a *bitter one* and the waiter could only mumble if we wanted to add sugar….Seriously??? me and my Girl just woke up and moved to the next restaurant lol Its kinda hilarious though not funny haha! Am  sorry I just cant help but laugh even now..its not the kind of answer we expected anyway moving on swiftly….

Thanks to My dear Phoebe -African Beads; 2015 wouldn’t walk away without me a hearing a story from Susan wamucii of Kikwata picnic site in Ngong, ooh the lady gor folktales you got no choice but listen kind of reminded me of my great Grandmom waah the lady could narrate and dance…..

.this one different travel experience check them out here https://web.facebook.com/Kikwata-Picnic-Site-928111827265643


OOh I also won a holiday with Hillpark Hotels mmhh thanks guys and your properties are super waiting on that new born in Tiwi to complete  looks like its going to be breathtaking with its own private beach mmmhh…..

Well my year closed its doors with a charity Event  at Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi. WomenWordandWine it sure was that……..did I mention my Girl won Diva shoooes YOLO adventures all the way…

as I pen off Helloo 2016 am expectant with new destinations in East Africa, Places I haven’t been as you can see 2015 just did that…..

To All of our followers, Partners and clients we wish you a prosperous 2016 and thank you for your continued support without you we would have donated over 500 pieces of blankets and warm clothing’s to the abandoned senior citizens of this country……..God bless and increase you in folds and folds