The Grand Ethiopia Tour


18 Days Grand Ethiopia Trip, 5th November to 22nd November 2017

Departing on Sunday 5th November.

Lalibella Rock Hewn Churches,
Axumite Kingdom,
Castles of Gondar,
The Blue Nile Falls,
Lake Tana-Bahir Dar,
Lake Awassa,
The Omo Valley Tribes,
Addis Ababa,
Yirga Chefe Coffee ceremony

Day 1. Nairobi-Marsabit.
Day 2. Marsabit-Yabello
Day 3. Yabello-Arba Minch (40 springs)
Day 4. Arba Minch-Addis Ababa via Shashemene
Day 5. Addis Ababa
Day 6. Addis Ababa-Bahir Dar,
Day 7. Bahir Dar
Day 8. Bahir Dar-Lalibela
Day 9. Lalibela-Gondar
Day 10. Gondar-Debark
Day 11. Simiens Mountains/Debark
Day 12. Debark-Axum via Inda-Sellassie
Day 13.Axum-Woldiya
Day 14.Woldiya-Addis Ababa
Day 15.Addis Ababa-Yirgachefe
Day 16. Yirgachefe-Moyale
Day 17.Moyale-Nanyuki
Day 18.Nanyuki-Nairobi

VIA FLIGHT PASSENGERS ITINERARY 9th November to 19th November.
Day 1. Flight to Addis Ababa
Day 2. Addis Ababa-Bahir Dar,
Day 3. Bahir Dar
Day 4. Bahir Dar-Lalibela
Day 5. Lalibela-Gondar
Day 6. Gondar-Debark
Day 7. Simiens Mountains/Debark
Day 8. Debark-Axum via Inda-Sellassie
Day 9.Axum-Woldiya
Day 10.Woldiya-Addis Ababa
Day 11.Flight to Nairobi

Detailed Itinerary

Days 1 to 4: The first 4 days are a transit journey through the most beautiful and scenic parts of Kenya in the North.
We drive cross Southern Ethiopia through parts of the culturally rich OMO VALLEY and Arba Minch city which boasts Lakes Abiyata and Lake Abaya as well as 40 natural springs.
We have a stopover at the Rasta community in Shashemene where we meet community leaders for a brief cultural exchange and visit international Reggae Musician Teddy Dan at his home. Further on passing Lakes Langano and Shala we take a 60km drive of East Africa’s only Expressway to Addis Ababa the Capital for and amazing city life.

Days 5 – 14: Here in Addis we will be joined by more travelers that will arrive on a flight from Nairobi. The next 10 days we do a big loop of the Northern Ethiopia covering both the Western and Eastern regions of the North.

We visit the beautiful Lake Tana and the Blue Nile falls with various excursions around here. With 37 islands, Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and is the source of the Blue Nile from where it starts its long journey to Khartoum and on to the Mediterranean. It has been said that the Blue Nile contributes up to 80% of the Nile’s flow in Sudan and Egypt. Nowhere is it more spectacular than when it thunders over the Tisisat Falls (The Blue Nile Falls) near Bahir Dar.p629984920-3.jpg

We also visit the Monolith churches of Lalibela that are curved out of large rocks. We visit the 11 churches built in the 12th century during the reign of King Lalibela, but some have been dated back to the 10th century. The original Ark of the Covenant is believed to be in one of the ancient churches and monasteries in the North of Ethiopia.

Further North we visit the city of Gondar, which has rightfully earned the name of “Africa’s Camelot” with Several Castles still standing. Gondar was established as the capital of Ethiopia in 1636 by Emperor Fasilidas, and it thrived as capital until the late 19th century.Ethiopia-Northern-Explorer-02

We then have a visit to the magnificent Simiens mountains where we will see families of the unique Gelada Baboon with its scarlet ‘bleeding heart’ on its chest, Walia Ibex and the rare Simien fox which are all endemic to Ethiopia. If you love hiking and mountain climbing this is the place for you.

The next stop is Axum which was the centre of the ancient Axumite Kingdom from where the Queen of Sheba ruled. She is known in Ethiopia as Queen Makeda. According to an Ethiopian legend, when the Queen of Sheba traveled to Israel to meet with King Solomon, she bore him a son, who then became the first Emperor of Ethiopia, Menelik I. As the story continues, Menelik later visited his father in Israel and brought the coveted Ark of the Covenant back to Ethiopia on his return.

We now leave the Northern most regions of Ethiopia and we get to visit a small town at the Border of Eritrea on our way, pass near the Danakil depression area to the East of Ethiopia as we head down to Woldiya for a transit night via Korem.
Then on the last stretch we drive down back to Addis Ababa for a last night. Some of the passengers will fly back to Nairobi from here while the rest take a further 4 days road trip back to Nairobi.

Days 15-18: From Addis we will take a slightly different route backwards that brings us to the city of Awassa and Lake Awassa before heading to Ethiopia’s coffee capital of Yirga chefe where we will enjoy a local coffee drinking ceremony. The last stretch of the drive brings us to Moyale Ethiopia for the last night before we cross into Kenya. The last 2 days are a transit back to Nairobi with a night in Nanyuki before finally heading back to Nairobi having had a lifetime experience full of sweet Ethiopian memories.

18 Days full Over-Land Package: Ksh 86,000 per Person.

10 Days via Return Flights: Ksh 62,000 per Person.
(Flights not included in cost)

Ksh 5,000 booking fee per person to reserve a seat

Includes; Transport in an Overland truck, fuel, crew, Guides, Cross Border Charges, Meals while on safari and Budget Hotel accommodation,

Excludes: Optional activities, local guides, drinks, meals in Addis Ababa and Nanyuki dinner, Air tickets for flying passengers, tips and gratuities.

Ksh5 ,000 booking fee. Used to secure bookings with our ground suppliers. (Non Refundable)

Balance by 25th October 2017.

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