Solio Gardens Nanyuki

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Solio Gardens 4 bedroom full furnished house going for KES40,00 a night on Bed and breakfast basis. Maximum of 8pax.

Solio Gardens is a vacation property on the lush fields at the foot of Mt. Kenya found in Nanyuki, 5km from Burguret. The hotel is located after Trout Tree Restaurant,. The property has a four bed roomed manor, and eight, one- bed roomed vacation cottages; all fully furnished but available on Bed and breakfast basis at the moment.
All rooms have flat screen televisions for those who would wish to enjoy own time instead of being at our sports bar. Our rustic beds are quite comfortable and our meals mouth watering.
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One bedroom cottages going for KES13,000 a night a double on Bed breakfast basis.

We also have well manicured gardens good for just relaxing or reading or simply enjoying Nature as birds chirp away happily..

If you are looking for other things to do while vacationing at Solio Gardens, you can go mountain climbing, Trout fishing, bird watching and visiting the various parks in Nanyuki. you can access all this various activities from the hotel



The hotel has a restaurant and a fully stocked sports bar open only to the hotel residents. All bookings should be made prior arriving.

For bookings and reservations, call/Text on 0736, 365 886, text/Whatsapp on 0722838338