Gibbs Farm Tanzania

Upon arrival, an intimate garden path beckons you to the authentic farmhouse, gently refurbished to offer a rustic, luxurious and welcoming sanctuary. One of the first guesthouses in northern Tanzania, Gibb’s Farm began as a coffee farm in the late 1920s. The sense of history is palpable as you stroll through the gardens or sit on your veranda overlooking the centuries-old Great Rift Valley and Ngorongoro Forest.

The main farmhouse and 17 cottages are cozy and enchanting, reflecting the heritage and architecture of another time and place. Original wood beams overhead, fireplaces and works by local artists throughout lend warmth and invite guests to pause and relax. Tokens of yesterday are found gibbs fhere and there—gifts from Zanzibar and the coast, books and needlepoint left behind by its maker.

There is a cadence to the rhythm of the farm—never fast, always nurturing. Neglected through the war years, the farm was bought in 1948 by James Gibb, a British war veteran. His wife Margaret started the farm’s wonderful vegetable and flower gardens, and she ran the farm until 2003. Today’s owners continue the rich legacy of Gibb’s Farm, refurbishing the house and farm to ensure a warm and welcoming luxury hotel experience for guests to enjoy for decades to come.

Integral to the contentment and peaceful energy of Gibb’s Farm is a deep and long-standing connection to the community. Generations of families have been a part of Gibb’s Farm, helping to create a truly authentic luxury hotel in Tanzania, based upon African traditions and hospitality.

Gibbs-Farm Tanzania gibbs ff gibbs gibbs wAs a friend, teacher and supporter of the community, Gibb’s Farm provides area residents with employment, training and education opportunities, and works to improve the surrounding infrastructure, maintaining roads and providing fresh well water. As a mentor, Gibb’s Farm founded Mazingira Bora Karatu, a local conservation organization, to promote environmental awareness, and the farm’s sustainable, renewable practices serve as a model for living harmoniously with nature.

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