Luxury travel in East Africa

To many luxury has a high price tag to others no money is worth their desires, its amazing how Humanity has Afrochic Dianiworked soo hard to to design and create big cities only to realize we all need to escape to purity once in a while…. luxury is never always about money ,to me its all about escaping to a new world where air is as pure as it might have been in Eden, the jungle is as real and relaxing just…. you know…Eden….

Well I wasn’t in Eden but the bible says it was the perfect ecosystem,,,, my point exactly– I want To have a comfy Bed, fine and clean linens, my bath tab / jacuzzi too doesn’t matter whether its indoor or outdoor, my alarm for once I want it to be a twitter not a cock crows not vehicles passing by but wildlife mmhh!!! well thats me….. To  others its whole lot of different story ,  I hear superstars demands certain kind of bedding’s etc we got it all in East Africa we got friends in High places you know haha! well join me as we explore some of the East Africa finest places to be where luxury is all but a new Level……..

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