10 unique tours to do in Nairobi.

Unique tours to do when you are in Nairobi

  1. Watch the Nairobi sunset or sun rise from KICC
  2. Explore our local Markets and indulge in our Cuisines
  3. Learn How to Make Maasai Jewelry on the slopes of Ngong Hills.
  1. Take scenic drive through the tigoni Tea plantations
  1. Take a sip of our coffee at Fairview estate.
  2. Take a scenic flight to Hells gate and back.This scenic tour starts at Wilson over the breathtaking views of the great rift valley, escarpments, mountains, lakes and the green topography of tea estates of Limuru. On request a magical picnic lunch can be set up somewhere before coming back.
  1. Nairobi Nganya Experience.
  1. Explore Nairobi Artscene
  1. Ice cream at the oldest Palrour in Nairobi
  1. Visit Kibera Slums

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